1. Can I come to you to purchase some items? If you live in Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull or within driving distance you are welcome to come to our showroom. The advantage of this is you can buy precisely what you need with no minimum order quantity. Our new offices are located at: Note; please call prior to visiting as this office may not be manned at all times. The Box Warehouse 39 Blythe Road Coleshill Birmingham B46 1AF


We have moved to temporary accommodation in Coleshill, the previous warehouse is being demolished and rebuilt due to subsidence, we hope to be back in the Yardley Sheldon area once we can find and setup a new warehouse and showroom. Our opening times are: Mon – Fri 09:00-17::00 Also available before and after these standard opening hours and even Saturdays subject to prebooked times. 

2. Do you have a box this big? All of our box sizes, capacities and prices are available on the website. Measurements are in both inches and millimetres, capacities are in cubic litres. If packing a specific item, please have the measurements to hand before calling.

3. What forms of payment do you accept? For online and telephone orders we accept: MasterCard Visa Switch Solo Delta Maestro PayPal In-store, we accept the above, as well as cash, we can also collect payment when deliveries are made locally (usually within 20 miles).

4. Some of the boxes I brought are unused as I had enough to get on with. Can I return these unused boxes? You can return any boxes you have not used so long as they are in a saleable condition (free of damage), Any costs for returning unused boxes must be covered by the customer.

5. There appear to be items missing from my order. To help save resources and our environment, we try where possible to use the minimum packaging whist still maintaining the integrity of the package. This often means we pack items together in the same package. For example, you may have ordered a Starter Removals Kit. We pack the all the items for this kit into one neat package by packing the things like bubble-wrap, tape, etc. between the boxes. Often unless you open the package and look between the boxes you may not see the items. This also means that the courier has only one box to move meaning that loss in transit is less likely. Similarly, if for example you ordered 3 rolls of bubble wrap and some tape, we would pack the tape between the rolls of bubble wrap. If you are still sure there are items missing please call us on 0121 706 4646 so we can deal with the situation effectively.

6. I placed an order online last night, where is it? All orders before 16:00 are processed the same day (working day). Any orders after 4pm are processed the next working day. Unless you specifically asked for a later date, all our orders are “next-working-day” delivery. Whilst no carrier ever guarantees next-working-day delivery, 999 times out of 1000 the items are delivered on time without any problems. Some possible causes for lateness are: *Customer not in at home to receive the goods. The courier will likely leave you a card stating that he/she has attempted delivery, and will likely attempt again at a later date. If the courier fails to deliver on multiple occasions the package is returned to us and re-delivery must be arranged. If you really must go out you have a few options:Leave a signed note for the courier stating a place the items may be left. If you are at work when your items are due, consider changing the delivery address to that of your place of work, or arranging for a neighbour to receive the goods on your behalf. Please be aware: Signatures are always required for delivery, this is to avoid loss and fraud. If you leave a note on the order saying something like “Can leave in porch” that will not be sufficient. A signed note from you left for the driver is the minimum proof the drivers will accept. *Impassible Roads, due to dangerous weather or other road closures. If your road is snowed in or impassible due to road closure, or another unforeseen circumstance then you should be the first person to be aware that your items will be delayed. as mentioned earlier delivery is NOT guaranteed.

7. Can I track my order? Yes, once your order is processed ready to ship we will email you a consignment number. 

8. Can I have my delivery at a specific time, or on a weekend? our national deliveries offer pre 9:30am, 10:30am and 12:30am deliveries. They also offer Saturday deliveries. We offer these to you at a discounted price, but this service is still expensive and should be avoided where possible. For more information on these services and costs please call us (number at top of page). If you would like the item delivered at a specific time, for example after 2pm, that can not be done as the courier has schedules and deadlines to meet. If you aren’t in to receive the delivery, the courier will try again twice more before returning the package to us. If you have somewhere safe you would like the courier to leave your delivery, such as with a neighbour or a porch or carport, please write a clear, signed note describing where and how you would like the package left, who you are, your signature and contact telephone number. The courier needs a signature to release the package/s. The standard given delivery times for “next working day” orders is any time between 08:00 – 18:00 . It will not be possible to call the driver and ask where he is. This is partly because  the driver is operating a very large, very heavy machine and needs to concentrate, and partly because if everyone who used TNT called the drivers to see where their items are, drivers would spend 12 hours a day on the phone detailing their current location instead of doing their job.

9. Why are there minimum order quantities? If you are purchasing in-person from our showroom there are no minimum order quantities.  If placing an order for delivery there are minimum order quantities, the reason for this is integrity of the packages. For example: If we sent out just one flat-packed cardboard box on its own it is more than 5 times more likely to get damaged or lost in transit. Packing multiple boxes together increases the overall strength of the package. This helps ensure your items are delivered with minimal risk of damage and loss.  

10. How best to dispose of boxes once I have used them Once you have used the cardboard removals boxes you may wish to recycle them. Our boxes are 100% recyclable and the facilities to do so are common. You may also wish to reuse boxes for storage or you may also wish to pass them on to a friend or relative who is moving home.