Bubblewrap bags

Bubble bags used for protecting pictures, paintings and the picture frame itself whilst being transported. Bubble bags are pre-made large bags with a flap and double sided tape already applied to the edge of the bubblewrap bag.  They are ready to be use bubble bags, quick and easy to cover large paintings or flat screen televisions.  Bubble bags can be used instead of rolls of bubblewrap as they are quicker to fit around not only picture frames and photo frames but other furniture too.

Large bubble bags 45″x45″ bubblewrap picture frame pouches

Temporarily out of stock, currently being manufactured. New stock back in on or soon after Monday 6th March 2017Very large bubble bags, almost 4ft square. These are very large bubble bags 45″ x 45″ or 1145 mm x 1145 mm square padded bags.Airpac/..

£2.50 Ex Tax: £2.08

Bubblewrap bags large

Bubblewrap bags 36 x 31 inch bubble bagsVery large bubble bags 36 inches x 31 inches with 1 1/2 inch flap 915 mm x 815 mm very large bubble wrap padding for picture frames and plasma TVs Airpac/ Jiffy bubble wrap padded bags with double sided tape fo..

£2.39 Ex Tax: £1.99

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