All packaging

All packaging
Offering all the packaging you will need to move, transport or house removal of your furniture & possessions.  The storage and packing of your furniture, the TV & computer to mattress covers and sofa protection.  We offer the house removal packs, pre chosen range of house moving kits, rolls of bubblewrap in different widths but all 100 metres long enough for anyone to use, other packaging such as U profile foam corners of different sizes, wrapping paper for ornaments, packing tape & hand held tape dispensers, self-storage boxes, sofa covers for any type of sofas, also from our packaging range are cardboard boxes, warning labels, warning tapes, and other tools and accessories to help you move home, transport goods or package your goods and furniture into storage.

Bubble wrap 300mm x100m

Bubblewrap 300mm x100m roll of small bubbleTrade size 100m long full size bubble wrap roll, check the length on our competitors.Bubblewrap rolls, 30 cm wide by the full trade size of 100 metres 300mm wide x 100m length bubble wrap Full sized trade ro..

£9.95 Ex Tax: £8.30

Budget tape dispenser

Budget tape dispenser for 2″/ 50mm wide with pistol gripTape dispensers for use with brown or clear 2″ wide tape rolls For sealing boxes fast and with ease. You now won`t lose the end of the tape! Hand held budget tape dispenser for use with standard..

£4.95 Ex Tax: £4.13

Bungee Cargo Net

Blackspur 12 Hook Bungee Cargo Net Elasticated rubber netBlackspur 12 Hook Bungee Cargo Net Elasticated rubber net, bungee elastics 12 steel hooks for keeping loads safe in transit. Size 75 x 75cm bungee cord lattice net. Model number CN200 Cargo net..

£5.95 Ex Tax: £4.96

Cardboard boxes 4x4x4″ small box

Cardboard storage box 4x4x4″ small postal boxes Single wall small postal boxes, ideal for parts distribution or a standard box. Small cardboard box 4 x 4 x 4 inches/ 102 x 102 x 102 mm. High quality brand new boxes made..

£0.40 Ex Tax: £0.33

Clear tape 48mmx 66m general purpose packing tape

Clear tape 48mmx 66m general purpose packing tapeQuality clear packing tape for home or warehouse use.Dimensions: 66m long x 50mm wide 216ft (72 yards) x 2 inches wide clear tapeWe recommend this clear tape for sealing cardboard boxes. Stro..

£1.20 Ex Tax: £1.00

Mattress cover 3/4 4ft wide small double bed

Double mattress 3/4 4ft wide small double bed cover3/4 small double bed, mattress protectors These 48″ wide 250 gauge bags will help protect your mattress from damp. These mattress protectors will dramatically reduce staining or damage..

£4.25 Ex Tax: £3.54

Ratchet trap 25mm x 2m 2pc

2pc Ratchet trap set 25mm x 2 metre BD333 blackspur2 pc strap set Strap goods down Ideal for securing items in transit 25mm x 2.0 metre length 1 inches/ 25mm wide quick release ratchet tie down Quick release ratchet tie down, keep your furniture safe..

£2.50 Ex Tax: £2.08

Removal blankets 1.5mx2.0m standard transit blankets

Removal blankets 1.5m x 2m standard transit blanketsUsed in the removals, transport and  furniture manufacturing trades to protect from scratches, dust and potential damage.Made from 100% recycled materials.Non-woven, hard-wearing transit b..

£4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Removal boxes 18x18x12″ strong with handles

Medium removal boxes 18x18x12″ double wall box Removal company quality moving boxes 18 x 18 x 12 inches.Metric size medium removal boxes 450 x 450 x 300 mm strong double walled box. Quality home medium removal boxes, medium sized cartons.Strong..

£2.10 Ex Tax: £1.75

Rope 15m x 6mm Polypropylene Rope

Rope 15m x 6mm Polypropylene RopeStrong and hard wearing polypropylene rope For use in the home in the garden or the garage also used at work in a factory or warehouse rope Rope size: 15m x 6mm approx All colours of rope are randomly selected unless ..

£1.39 Ex Tax: £1.16

Rope 30m x 5mm Polypropylene PP Rope

Rope 30m x 5mm Polypropylene PP RopeRope 30m x 5mm Polypropylene Rope Strong and hard wearing polypropylene rope For use in the home in the garden or the garage also used at work in a factory or warehouse rope Rope size: 30 metres x 5mm approx All co..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.66

Settee cover two seater

Heavy duty 250 gauge polythene, plastic settee cover.Fits 2 seater settees/ two seater sofas.Strong and durable polythene / plastic furniture covers. Re-usable plastic dust covers, moisture resistant often used for self storage of furniture..

£4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

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